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So much sorrow so much pain;
So much cost so little gain.
Argue for this, we fight for that,
Too oft we wear solicitors’ hats.
It is not truth we wish to find,
Hard facts are used merely to blind.
Specious argument is what you spew,
But every word I say is true.

We all may have our point of view
Goal for so many is pull wool over you.
He said this and she said that,
It’s trial lawyers who are getting fat.
Richest mouth-piece wins the game,
Mans’ lust for money remains the same.
Muse of court with her blindfold
Still rules for rich men ten times over.
Coin of the realm tips the scale,
Deception’s countenance hearty and hale.

Little man’s moment in court,
Has been curtailed by reform of tort.
Have a grievance wait in line;
Justice swift as it is blind.
If lawyers can procrastinate,
Put trial off, till it’s too late?
Cancer patient? He’s checked out:
History of malfeasance mounts.
Everyday, gets little worse
Creep toward oblivion; plutocracy’s curse.
I got mine “forget” you guys;
Mantra of rich, that I despise.

If no one speaks out for the meek
It’s Orwell’s world of double speak.
Been this way for all of time;
Who says we’ve ascended from the slime?
Here we flop amoebaeish,
Without backbones our ethics just squish.
When truth is bought at wholesale,
And lawyers as prophets are regaled,
Juries swallow their heinous lies,
Is Justice’s blindfold there simply to dry her eyes?