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Two steps forward one step back
at least there’s a little progress in that
I was down for the count
When ref counted nine I did shout
“I’m still in! I’m still game!”
Takes more than a one two for me to tame.
I know this limp makes me look lame
still in this ring standing sans shame

I got lightning bolts and thunder too
Of my capacity no one knew
Still, that uppercut that hit my jaw
Caused me to slip, made me sprawl
But now I’m back and standing tall
If I can’t walk you bet I’ll crawl

Don’t count me out, don’t count me done
What fight that’s left can truly stun
Stand toe to toe with any man
So thankful that I’m whole again
Know I’ve a long way to go
Till I’m fully recovered I sure know
But like Rocky in the ring
can take a punch like anything

I kissed the mat, I told it thanks
I’ve gleaned the fruit upheld my rank
I hide my chin behind my fist
Jab and pound, calculate my risks
But no more cowering on the ground
My sense of self it has rebound
Once again I’m in the show
Ride wild bulls in rodeos

Fragile thread that we call life
Has its joys and has its strife
Yet from its smacks we must not cower
Embracing struggle’s what gives us power
The slaps do sting the hits do hurt
In our responses show our worth
Zero shame in a KO
Just rise again and let ‘em know

Difference between down and out
Get your bearings but please don’t pout
Through hardship might shed a tear
There’s just one way out of here
When time is through and life is done
Show up for Saint Peter’s reckoning
Don’t offer up sorry excuse
‘Bout how you tried but was no use

All that any man can do
Is try to give good Lord His due
Good Book summed up with two simple rules
Love the Lord and siblings too
Let’s all do what we can
Walk in His light, live as real men
But when we falter when we trip
Must rise up from spiritual receivership

There’s zero shame in falling down
But from the ground we must rebound
And when it’s pitch black, sun’s underground
Just hold on till light and life come back around

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Sunrise set len Struttmann