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Tic A Tac, a paddy Whack
I don’t hit first but I strike back!
Up in my face just talking smack
This alpha cur who leads the pack.

Sit and smile till I attack
Wrecked him, hell!
His whole essence I ransacked.

My water’s still as it is deep
Tide has turned and now it’s neap
Out of patience with this sick creep
Punk’s all words with no technique
This old dog should have let sleep

 It’s too late to turn back now!
I’m committed and boy how!
Can’t take a punch. Lord knows I’m slow
But when push leads to shove I’ll have a go.

Bully who thought that I’d just bleat
Gonna punch his ticket, make him sleep.
I do adhere to Golden Rule,
But he’s a seven times seventy cheek slapping fool.

No more turning, won’t cut and run
Fisticuffs to me aren’t fun
But enough’s enough and I’m all done
Time to school insipid one
Thought I’d bend and thought I’d break
My turn to give, I’m done with take

Posturing gnats that bite my neck
I’m coming on with my train wreck
The engine’s hot, we’re making time
Like Ben Grimm turned to a clobbering kind

I’m not the type who insists
‘Bout to feed him what he loves to dish
The moment’s here, the moment’s now
I won’t bow down; no more kowtow

If you think I’m joking, think again
Gonna school this boy on ways of men
He may have speed, he does have power
Time now for my finest hour
I’ll stand my ground and let him know
His cocky act is all just show

‘Cause when it comes to taking hits
We gray hairs refuse to quit
So when he’s looking up at me
Remember the toxicity
That earned him my K.O. punch
Is one he ordered just like lunch

Next time when you choose a fight
Should think twice about what’s right
But if you don’t then come again
And more knuckles I’ll abuse upon your chin

But all in all it’s plain to see
My preference is to live meekly
Can only back up to the wall
And after that no choice but brawl

When we’re through and it’s all done
Remember this ain’t my kind of fun
You pushed me here and that’s a fact
Took all my rope, had no more slack

You look so dazed hard not to laugh
At cocky bastard bounced on his ass.

Professor Plumb