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It’s said confession’s good for the soul
That mea culpaing’s the key to Heaven’s barred door
Some this as Gospel warmly embrace, others merely laugh;
Divination or profanity, depends on who you ask!

Me? I got no opinion on prayer’s saving power
Confess my list of sin grows ever longer
Though my sins of commission are on the decline
Them trespasses of omission sure love to climb

I’m old, I’m tired, no longer cavort all that much
Truth is I’m happiest when I get a nap after lunch
So though my chasing and carousing days are on hold
Still long list of transgressions that I have not told

Mistakes that I’ve made and folks I’ve betrayed
Come back to haunt me on most given days
I try not to dwell on errors of the past
Know that to keep on repeating ‘em makes me a real ass

The movie that plays oft behind my eyelids
Consists largely of tantrums I had as a kid
I chased after her and I spatted with him
As my tiny ego tried to make world fulfill my will

Been feeling my years, my chest it has pain
Rheumatism hollers pretty loud when it rains
I think of the folks that I have let down
Wondering what happens to us once we’re laid in the ground

 Each of us is sinner, all have the soul of a saint
How many trespasses till there’s no absolution from taint?
Is His infinite mercy the truth or just myth?
Would I be smiling more if less temptations I did resist?

Go for the gusto! Love one that you’re with!
Live like no tomorrow, let water flow under that bridge
Is hedonism only real truth that there is?
Big believer in live and let live

But those three a.m.’s hit mighty hard
Where every decision is played on instant recall
And I see the pain and suffering I’ve caused
Close my eyes in such shame and feel mighty small.

 I’m just a man with feet of clay
Just getting by day after day
When I lay me down to Lord I do pray
Though don’t know if He hears us anyway

I’m no kind of perfect, man, have I got flaws!
Hope if there’s a Heaven Lord will recall
That I’m just a man of flesh and bone
Overwhelmed by Coleridge’s Kubla Khan dome

And through his grace we’re all called home
No matter how far down hole that we’ve roamed
And to The Lord I do confess
I need His Grace, of that I don’t contest

 So here I am back at the start
Confessing that I know not what
Can lead me down a holy path
So heartbreaking I just sit and laugh!
And upon the morrow I’ll start all over again.
Wondering, wondering, wondering about sin