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Cloudy skies this morning, sunshine’s left and all is gray
But the trouble that’s been dogging me I’ve finally shoed away
Too long on my shoulders been weight of the world
Hope this patch of blue inside of me will continue to unfurl

I have learned the hard way what is meant by down and out
All my defensive measures fate surely did rout
I headed out one morning feeling mighty fine
Rug ripped out beneath my feet; tumbled like I was blind

I did not see it coming, that ferocious lightning bolt
Slammed into my body like a hundred-million volts
Defenseless and defeated I lay upon the ground
Wondering if my sense of self would ever once more come around

To say that I was empty would be description mighty kind
Had no clue how I’d gotten lost nor where self I could re-find
As a blubbering helpless infant I lay in my own wastes
Jesus may have been my savior but his champion was my dear mate

She is not a soft, kind angel; her aspect far more biblical
For the hosts that sing Hosanna we mere mortals can scarcely know
Their power and their beauty, flapping wings and flashing eyes
Cause even the strongest of men to want to run and hide

“Be not afraid!” Salutations with which angels greet
And though their countenance is frightening my angel nursed me to my feet
There is a kind of loving that makes us feel soft and warm inside
This is not the remediation that was tendered by my bride

Stern was her visage, as over me she stood
As healing broth she spooned in me her face was of carved wood
“Just rise a little higher,” each morning she declared
“You’ve a perilous long journey,” she repeated without err

And with her ungentle prodding, her insistent, “Try again!”
My shattered spirit did slowly rise, my soul began to mend
No longer do I lie fallow, a field of emptiness
This season reaps no harvest but she’s my love as recompense

So though the sky is cloudy and the sun cannot be seen
There is a strength inside of me and upon it I can lean
I surely am no island, no rock unto myself
I thank God and my earthly angel for restoring me my health

One day hope to once more standup firm and tall
Know that I am blessed as she’s stayed by me through it all
Each of us has trials, tribulations in our life
Mine were near the death of me, savior was my wife