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Rolling! I’m just rolling along
Rolling! Seems like fore I arrive I’m already gone
Rolling! I sure wish I could stay!
But I’m rolling! And I’m slowly drifting away

I’ll claim that it’s me and swear it’s not you
We’ve drifted so far neither one even knows what is true
But I’ll take the blame, say it’s all me and none of it’s you
Cause while we’re no longer knotted I’ve nothing but good will for you
Rolling! like water under that bridge
We’re rolling!  Got no more inches to give

Somewhere our road sure seems to have forked
Now seems only thing we do together is pork
Rolling! Like stones skipped on a pond
Rolling. Just need to give up and move on
Rolling. Like Sherman’s march to the sea
Rolling. Is scorched earth our destiny?

Rolling! No value in looking back now
Rolling! Last thing I want is to slaughter sacred cows!
But I’m rolling. I’m rolling far and away
Rolling! To your health I’ll drink any day
But I’m rolling! Rolling way down in the deep
Rolling! Ocean of water into my lungs it has seeped

Rolling!  Rolling. Wish I could just roll back the time
Rolling! Turn back the clock be again in my prime!
But I’m rolling! I’m Rolling along and it doesn’t look good
Rolling! I’d beg for forgiveness; swear I would if I could
But I’m rolling. Rolling a little further away every day

Yes I’m rolling
It’s for you best wishes I pray!
But I’m rolling
Now it’s time for me to just fade away
Cause I’m rolling
Rolling, rolling, roll far away.