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Six degrees of separation
stood between me and my girl.
When I bridge these six degrees
I’ll be master of  whole world.

Saw her from a far off distance
just an image on a screen
overwhelmed by her persona
and of her that night I dreamed.

Love at first sight is so clichéd
in “B” movies is mainstay
but the strength of my attraction
blew all common sense away.

So I set out like a hunter
in search of her lovely lair
felt no qualms in role of stalker
as I prowled for her around there.

Had her address, car’s color, make and model
of me she still was unawares
It was such a strong temptation
on her doorbell just to ring

but even in my excited passion
knew that would be an action most disturbing.
So I frequented her hot-spots
ones she highlighted on Facebook page

until wee hours of morning
it was at these spots for her I gazed.
She made me privy to many secrets
through her social media accounts

my strongest desire was just to meet her
so like a pussy-cat waited to pounce.
Then one night across the dance floor
I saw her swaying to the beat

I quickly downed a double whisky
then rose unsteadily to my feet.
While my desire was to bee-line
path was far more circumspect;

shortest distance from “A” to “B”
may be a straight line
but like a snake mine was
far more serpentine.

Accidentally brushed against her
in the most purposeful of ways
my apology was swift and sincere
as into her lovely eyes I gazed.

She’d been dancing with a girlfriend
from her posts knew she was straight
when song ended
offered her a beverage

she smiled and said, “It’s getting late.”
So we chatted for short moment
knew to bide my time
but bitten tongue it sorely bled.

On cocktail napkin scribbled my name and number
handed it to her and said, “Gotta run!”
Having met this sweet chicita
only whetted my appetite

wondered what bait I’d use to hook her
and convince this game to bite.
From day dream moved to obsession
cyber-stalker my new name

and when she tweeted her location
you best believe that I sure came.
It was at our second chance encounter
that I went in for the kill

her wants, her needs, desires
and her dreams long so to fulfill.
Possible I was a tad too pushy
too quickly felt that she was won

but I knew divine providence
had sent her here to make her mine.
It was just a few dates later
that she said those three words to me

oh, not the words, “I love you.”
but rather the other three.
“Let’s be friends,” stung like a nettle
embedded in my tender flesh

was aghast that my life partner
had rejected me, I do confess.
Calmly tried to assuage her
convince her I was the man for she

finally told me to just drop dead
go away and let her be.
Was a game that we were playing
as cat to mouse still pursued her doggedly

don’t know who poisoned baby’s mind
but she filed a restraining order against me.
She would not return my phone call
and so to her place departed immediately

snuck around security
just didn’t feel like buzzing up.
And to my surprise a home invader
into my girl’s place had Trojan Horsed inside

when I spied this invading Cretan
I roughly pushed the fool aside.
There upon a divan
sat earthly divinity

to her side I did rush
to protect her heroically.
And that’s the story, officer
of how I wound up here

just a domestic misunderstanding
with the girl I hold so dear.
How soon do you think till they let me go?
Need to bring flowers to Eris, girl I so revere.