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It’s said the good lord giveth and this I think is true
But I think the Lord just hangs His head
Watching how we act on,
“Do unto others as you’d have done to you”

Many claim that we’re all equal
But that’s contrary to the facts
Each has differing strengths and weaknesses
And there’s nothing wrong with that

Some are blessed with curiosity
Others to small details do attend
Lord created us in diversity
According to his yen

But though we are all different
Each is endowed with the same rights
Of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
Though its capture may forever remain out of sight

Many have claimed to be Lord’s spokesman
Insist they have His ear
Too oft it’s evil that they’re spouting
Long to rule by hate and fear

Subjugation of meek and mild
Supported by bastardization of holy writ
Seems qualification for many a prophet
Is to have but half a wit

Though it is the Lord that giveth
It is Man who taketh away
Commands the youth to battle
While old men direct affray

How many times have we been told
That subjugation’s for others good?
White skinned males inherent superiority
Is assumption strong as rotten wood

How many kept as chattel slaves
Owned from one generation to the next?
Bible used as justification
Evil based on scripture’s false pretext

Women are but temptresses
Darker races have meager worth
The Golden Rule they’re honoring
More lucre equals greater inherent worth

But the most important precepts
Laid out by One who died for us
Is love Lord God with all thy heart
And be worthy of a brother’s trust

I’m not a strong believer
Cynicism kinda my brand
Still of this there is no question
We all should love and honor fellow Man

So when I hear a hissing demon
Shout out that God hates fags
That a woman ‘s place is subservience
And if you’re not like me, you’re bad

I know the voice that’s speaking
Has deafened his own ears
Jesus from this spewed hatred
Has cried a billion tears

“Judge not lest ye be judged”
Is not a call for anarchy
Gold standard of civil behavior
Is to live in harmony

Whether your god is Yahweh, Allah or Buddha
We’re all brothers down inside
And must accept each others traditions
While expressing ours with pride

But if your rabbi, imam or reverend
Is singing a hymn of hate
Need to attune ourselves to Man upstairs
Before it’s just too late

It’s said the good lord giveth
And this I think is true
But hatred is a vice of Man
A trait we must eschew