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Little black dress with matching pumps
Walked into my life and made my heart jump
Was merely relaxing, feeling serene
When tall drink of water entered the scene

Eyes quickly hooked to her Velcro loop
Felt a small shiver as downward she stooped
Gams that were shapely and beautifully toned
Jaw dropped in wonder, emitted small moan

This was a woman, in no way a child
Just watching her walk was driving me wild
She was beguiling as she strutted cross floor
View from front or back made my spirits soar

The vixen inside the little black dress
Had yet to see me and I was distressed
Felt so compelled to have her in my life
This goddess had poise and beauty so ripe

From my seat I rose, though I had no plan
To her magnetism my desire ran
She preceded me by half of a room
Followed mesmerized in wake of perfume

Knew she was tall from first moment her spied
In those high heels six feet upward she skyed
Her shoes percussed, lovely clickety clack
Now was the moment, no more holding back

Up to this beauty from behind I did race
And without a sound her I firmly embraced
Tall drink of water, Aphrodite’s stand in,
Spun round to face me and then she did grin

“Have you been here long?” asked me with a kiss.
Though the kiss was chaste filled me with such bliss.
I brought her closer, hand on small of her back
“Minutes sans you is time of darkest black.”

She’d walked past our table without seeing me
I’d sat there mute mesmerized by her lovely
This woman of beauty, power and might
Is mine unto death, not some mere gift for a night

When I count my blessing I count her twice
No accolades are adequate for my loving wife
Lovely on the outside it’s her insides I adore
I will strive to be her worthy mate forevermore