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Just around the corner got a bit closer today
Headed out into the sunshine where I ran and played
Glorious sol was rising in its customary spot
Luscious, languid, Luna beneath horizon dropped

I’d fallen off the wagon about a year ago
Finally hit rock bottom and now upwards the way I go
Recovery from near death had me laid mighty low
But out among the living today I tallied ho!

Walking in a coma had left me feeling mighty weak
Been working on recovery for solid sixteen weeks
Today I hit the water and then I hit the streets
Tested mettle in triathlon, saw where I fell tween strong and weak

Can’t describe the feeling of being walking dead
Hope all you ever know of it is accounts you’ve read
Risen from my wheelchair  and now in the water crawl
Glorious act of resurrection had me feeling tall

Each triathlon is different though they look mostly the same
Felt little spark of competition which is why I play the game
But more important than competing is camaraderie
Makes my spirit soar as teammates I cheer gleefully

I won’t bore you with the details, story’s boring as box-scores
It suffices just to say that in racing spirit soared
Swam in murky water; then on my cycle zipped along
Even a run of just three miles makes my knees scream in alarm

But I finished with a smile, mini Herculean trek
And I hope to keep on trying until fear’s laid to rest
Both sun and moon are up there in celestial sphere
Each of us needs to reach for them till end of mortal years