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The great Goddess Aphrodite,
who was lovely as can be
Sought one day a man to seduce
and that man was Anchises

Anchises a simple herdsman
may have had a moment’s doubt
But when they went to his cabin
their lovemaking was a knockout

After making beast with two backs
or perhaps they both faced east
Anchises fell into slumber
like a man after a feast

Awakening from his respite
he knew that the jig was up
Aphrodite in her glory
caused our herdsman to hiccup

Anchises a bookish Grecian
knew that fate had not been kind
To men who dared bed goddesses
and now he feared ‘twas his end time

Aphrodite feeling languid
after her romp in the hay
Promised he was in no danger
if he his tongue could hold at bay

Aphrodite left our herdsman
and exited bedroom scene
Knew that in her majestic womb
grew their child Aeneas

Here I leave off Aphrodite
move away from Anchises
And confess that I, like herdsman,
have known the love of a goddess

My goddess is not immortal
but her beauty knows no peer
And if the gods do not smite me
for all our lives I’ll hold her near

Anchises was filled with terror
learning of lover’s status
Yet to her I’m ever grateful
to see and hold female Bacchus

Blessed am I like tiny handful
to be delivered such a mate
And to almighty God in Heaven
I thank Him for rare gift cordate