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I was strong but I’ve grown weak
been years now since I was at my peak
Sad to say how day I must plan
creeping toward invalidated man

Vitality that was once mine
has been reclaimed by Father Time
Hoped to keep decline on gradual slope
but that’s not what hand of fate has wrote

At three a.m. rise but do not shine
to feel refreshed would be sublime
Somnambulistic stumbling
too oft from exhaustion crumbling

Look out over my age mates
commonality does not placate
Thought I’d be one of lucky few
who could stay vital till days were through

Sun sure seems to be setting fast
wonder how much longer brain can last
Strength and poise and repartee
so quickly slipped away from me

Like a kosher piece of meat
blood drain from me seems nearly complete
What little strength I have I must muster
there are time lack even bluster

Harrison Bergeron threw off his chains
Glampers’ Moon shows weakness reigns
How long till I am shot down?
Beneath still, dark waters I am found?

I’ll keep fighting; I’ve little choice
How long till called on unpaid invoice?
Fear best years now are behind me
Becoming feeble, no more brawny

But while I’ve strength to love and laugh
I’ll continue down life’s path
For what else is a man to do
than venture onward till days are through?