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We arise this morning after;
What is it to which we wake?
From our bed of giggling laughter
What future did we two make?

Are we united in a purpose
Or is our solidarity fleeting?
Will we create a life together
Or is loneliness crop we’ll be reaping?

Just a couple thrown together
Met by fate and bound by love
Will we have an ever after
Or will daylight’s glare budding romance to floor shove?

Sparkle of your eye is magic
Curve of your spine so heavenly
Will our tale be sad and tragic
Or can we two into one come to be?

Too early to pose this question
Though it sits on tip of tongue
I’ll just daydream of our future
And of the sweet years yet to come

Far too quickly have I fallen
For the picture I paint of you
Only time and shared sorrows
Will reveal if our love is true

So, for the moment I’ll lie enraptured
With optimistic soul and heart
If fate and circumstances smile upon us
From your life I’ll never part

Know you’re not the girl I’m seeing
For what I see is waking dream
What you’ve shown so far is sterling
To your peaches hope to add my cream

Just roll over little darling
And let me come on in
Don’t know if it’s a future that we’re making
Or simple dalliance of sin

But I’m loving what you’re giving
I need it every single day
Whether it’s true love that we’re chasing
Or just rolling in the hay

Either way the time is ripe
I’ve risen to the call
So let’s commence more giggling
And have ourselves a ball

I’ll pray for ever after
As I slowly bide my time
For now I’ll settle for sweet rhythm
That rocking so sublime

“I love you, pretty darling!”
May come out as voiceless grunt
But into you I’m surely falling
Is my point most salient

You sparkle like a diamond
No one shines as bright as you
Let me polish all your facets
Love you our whole lives through

Hard for me to talk
With two tongues in my mouth
I’m warming to the battle
Pretty soon I’m heading south

So love me little lady
Love me long and strong
And when we’re through with loving
I hope our love goes on and on and on.