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How ancient is adage ’bout not losing a son?
Grateful for daughter gained when you as bride he won.
Child shall leave his parents and make for self a life
When our son wed you he made daughter with his wife.

As we swirl through the years our roles do twist and bend;
Each of us must face challenges that fate does send.
It takes a special grace to smile through it all,
To shake off the stings that accompany our falls.

Today marks occasion of when you entered world;
Most fitting moment to praise cloth from which you’re purled.
You are gracious guardian of our son and yours,
And as the years go by your grace grows and endures.

Sincere homage I’ve written is lacking and weak;
When we think of you it’s with love that our hearts speak.
Happy birthday, darling daughter, said with great love;
Know that we view you as a blessing from above.