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The day has warmed nicely and Winnie has shed her overcoat. She carries it tucked neatly in the crook of her arm along with her purse. I wonder if she alternates carrying her purse from left to right or if her right bicep is far stronger than her left because of its daily isometric workout. I realize that I have never seen Winsome not wearing her overcoat and doing so now makes me wonder what she looks like in a bathing suit. I also wonder if her purportedly bellybutton free midsection prevents her from wearing a two-piece. Based on what I see of her I hope that it does not. Winnie has a terrific little figure.

I rise from the booth and wave to her. She sees me and returns both my extra wide smile and semaphore like greeting. I hesitate for a moment, wondering if I should luxuriate in the sight of her smiling face and pleasant mammalian bounce or if I should meet her halfway. I decide that meeting her halfway will better enable a hug and then fixate on the length and nature of said anticipated low level PDA. Undeterred by my lack of determination I stride to her and hold out my hands at hip height. She slips comfortably into my arms, brushes my cheek with her lips and asks, “Been here long?”

“No, not really,” I respond. “Just long enough to order an iced tea.”

“Nice,” she says, waving at the surly pixie haired brunette who had earlier visually sent me through the wash cycle.

We arrive at our booth and I reach out and squeeze her hand for just a moment before retaking my previous seat. I am jumpy concerning what level of physicality I should be extending to MS Rogers but decide on a slightly bolder approach than I had planned; figuring that audacity is often an underrated attribute.

“So, how was your day?” she asks.

I hesitate in answering. ‘Long, because I kept daydreaming of you?’ ‘Fine, because at the end of it I was going to see you?’ ‘Good,’ and just leave it a that? In the end, I go with, “Fine, but much nicer now that I’m with you. How about yours?” hoping that I have employed an acceptable opening gambit with which to probe Winsome’s level of interest in me.

I have to stifle a giggle. At six o’clock this morning I hadn’t yet realized that I even had a romantic interest in little skinny Winnie but this morning’s simple promise of a dinner date had accelerated my unknown embryonic interest into a desire to mate. I remind myself to slow myself down but I just laugh at me in return.

“Not as productive as usual. Seems my mind kept drifting to thoughts of our rendezvous. Silly, huh?” she replied.

My tongue spoke before any filters could slow it down. “Exactly!” I declared. “I’m afraid Wind Song, or rather Winsome, stayed on my mind. You look lovely, by the way.”

Winnie laughed in response. “Lovely? Must be the light, but thanks.”

I wasn’t sure how far to go with the compliments but Tanya either saved me from ruin or interrupted the opening movements of an intricate mating dance. In either case, she returned to our table, saw Winnie and said, “Oh. Hey. It’s you. Ice tea?”

“Please,” Winnie said with a smile and a nod. “How’s your day going? Not still hung over I hope.”

Tanya snorted. “Please! That was over a week ago. Haven’t had a drink since. Well, haven’t gone out drinking since. Do you know what you want?”

“I think I’ll do the tenderloin sandwich, please. House salad, vinaigrette on the-”

Tanya interrupted: “Side. Lettuce, tomato, onions?”

Winnie pursed her lips and looked at me. “What do you think? Should I dare onions?” she asked with a wink.

I responded with a huge grin and said, “I’ll have the same, but do you have coleslaw?”

Tanya nodded and replied, “We do, but it’s spicy.”

“I’m feeling adventuresome,” I said. “I’ll try it.”

“Excellent. Two tenderloins, lettuce tomato, onions, one house with vinaigrette on the side and one spicy slaw. Any appetizers?”

I looked at Winnie. “What do you think? Should we get an appetizer?”

“Oh. No, not for me” Winnie said. ” I usually take half my sandwich home.”

“No thanks,” I answered. “Just the two sandwiches.”

“Cool beans. I’ll go put your order in,” Tanya said with a nod before turning smartly on her heel and heading to the kitchen.