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Savages and obstacles await me
As fearfully I cross that sacred line
This is not a conflict for the timid
We’re living in apocalyptic times

Stretched across the line is band of fighters
Spirits who obstacles now stand and face
Knowing defeat will bring oblivion
And dire consequences to this race

Into affray dash swift, eager warriors
Armed with hopes of conquering mighty foe
Each knight resplendent in shining armor
Deeper into battle they choose to go

Armed with battle plans and good logistics
Fleet footed warriors drive forward as spear tip
With labored breath and muscled fury
Into opposing forces eagerly rip

Narrow is the path that lies before them
Pocked landscape forces them to fall in line
With such restrictions on troop movements
Large groups of fighters are soon left behind

Battle plan was so perfect on paper
The thick of war exposes as a fraud
Still citizen soldiers keep on fighting
Though scene around them grows more and more macabre

Convulsing muscles refuse to function
As limits of endurance are overstepped
Legion’s esprit de corps begins to slip
Still, do or die is overriding precept

Valiantly try to scale the parapet
But even with fidelis I just flail
Will ignoble defeat mark my tombstone
Or with my brothers’ help can we prevail?

Hours of battle seem never ending
But for love, life, and honor we fight on
This battlefield is naught but a playground
A testing ground where we effete pose and fawn

Ten thousand strong are we faux warriors
As we posture and put muscle to the test
And even as we flail, jump and scurry
Be assured that I for days will convalesce