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The Lord on the sixth day created man Adam
With fruit of God’s labor WMPC begun
For Adam was given the lease to lush Eden
And all of Earth’s wonders were his now to run

Adam so lonely desired a life mate
And Yahweh great Father provided him one
A rib of Adam’s God removed whilst he’s sleeping
Thus patriarchy and WMPC web was craftily spun

There’s no use complaining or arguing foul play
Adam was ruler of all under the sun
He was the first man and Lord made him sovereign
To argue against Adam means evil has won

Let us fast forward a few quick, short eons
Flat Earth fundamentals are shaky but fun!
Some number of thousands between six and 200
Don’t get caught up in details; just kneel for the Son

Though Mankind arose on plains of Dark Continent
Don’t suggest Adam was naught but lily white man
For the heirs of Adam, great WMPC
White, male, propertied Christians, is how life began

(Though Adam preceded the coming of Jesus
The Trinity existed fore time or space
If you find this logic a bit too perplexing
Just study your Bible and all doubts you’ll erase)

Adam and his mate, that evil servant of serpents,
Were cast from The Garden for evil Eve did
Fruit from that tree of knowledge was quite forbidden
But weak Eve took a bite so out of Eden they slid

(And thus it is now, and forever after,
That Eve’s daughters once monthly are required to bleed
If women were strong and wise like great Adam
No one from Eden would ever have been forced to leave)

So bow down before us, you dark colored races
And women to husbands must subvert their will
For God Himself handed Kingdom to Adam
And His Natural Order tis God’s Law fulfilled

Don’t call this a myth, for you know it’s history
For only those that are righteous are meant to lead
So tend to your knitting, you simple weak vessels
And to God’s holy orders you surely must heed

And thus, is the plan to lead us back to greatness
The world shall be terrific, fantastic, first rate!
For God in the Heavens decreed world to Adam
White, male, propertied Christians are but bowing to fate