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The milk of human kindness
does not flow equally to all.
Some suckle on Earth Mother’s teat
while others cry and ball.

It’s not for flow of lactation
that so many are dry of mouth.
Rather in this world we live in
respect for brothers has gone south.

This rule of doing unto others
counts only with fellow man;
Don’t grant others humanity?
It’s okay grabbing what you can!

World is full of sociopaths
with no conception of wrong or right.
View themselves as special classes
while rest are just refuse and blight.

How could our world come down to this,
where did basic kindness go?
Society we’re living in
just keeps sinking to new lows.

The milk of human kindness
gets its start from me and you.
Before we start our judging
let’s try that mile in brother’s shoes.

I ain’t talking Pollyanna,
not even saying to turn a cheek.
Only thing that I’m suggesting
is to stop hanging in sick cliques.

This dichotomy we live in
dividing into them and us?
Shows evil characteristics
of contempt and deep mistrust.

Depeche Mode took the risk of
relying on common decency.
Asking why man hates a brother
when the answer’s so plain to see.

When we choose to dehumanize
the folks who stand in our way?
It’s just a tiny baby-step
till humanity drifts away.

No doubt that a little tenderness
surely can go a long, long way
What goes around might come around;
we can create such brighter days!

So, at next opportunity
try tenderness for a change.
No beatification
just for approach to rearrange.

Kind approach it will not hurt you;
could bring a smile to someone’s face.
Next time you tell someone to suck it?
Pray it’s milk of kindness for whole Race.

All that I’m saying is we need to uplift!
Tiny drop of humanity is not so hard to give.
Instead of total selfishness
We might just try to live and let live.