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DOTUS, DOTUS, Donald of the US
DOTUS, DOTUS, speaks for the oppressed?!
He’s president 45, a magnum plus one
When it comes to Second Amendment he’ll stick to his guns

When milk is raw, cream rises to the top
In white man’s world Trump’s rhetoric hits the spot
Garnered support from the KKK!
Here’s hoping our Trump card can save USA

When Don threw his hat in declared, “I’m GOP!”
His Christian Right roots were sure news to me!
As new messiah holds many enthralled
From his gambling houses Fundamentalists called

Three wives behind him and some alleged sexual assaults
“Well, at least he’s not Hillary!” was churches’ retort
Donald, Donald, Drumpf of a man
Never lets truth stand in way of his plan

He’ll make us terrific, fantastic, first-rate!
And only good Mexicans will pass through wall at his gate
There’ll be no more Muslims allowed in his land
And he’ll bring back great jobs just by waving his hand!

Don’t fret about details; they’re all over our heads
Just know that Donny’s got new goose-stepping Feds
They’ll root out illegals that do construction work
Ignore those labor violations from when Trump Tower got built

DOTUS is president; thinks he’s king of the hill
Just needs some help steamrolling legislative bills
Nobody is finer at ugly trash talk
Became our president by bombast; let’s see if he’ll walk the walk

So, Donny, be kind in the red, white and blue
Because America’s for everyone, not just white folks like you