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Iron Maiden she entombs me
and squeezes me so tight
Sarcophagus consumes me
leaves me a wretched sight

Steady pressure from within
as my body putrefies
Long so to regain my freedom
break free from lies that bind

We are left here decomposing
watch as ourselves just waste away
Necrotizing fasciitis
feasts ravenously throughout the day

In this body shaped confinement
even breathing’s difficult
It is no small wonder
many brothers turn to dark occult

Like medieval Europe
when black death did abound
Are surrounded by hearts evil
who laugh as our innards splatter down

The tiny little coffins
that have become our homes
Are products of mankind’s stupidity
our problems are homegrown

So many of we humans
have our heads buried in sand
Insist we follow holy writ
do what The Lord commands

But with parochial perspective
difficult to see His plan
Easier by far to castigate
strike out at fellow man

Thus, two camps that are warring
on horseback come riding in
Famine and war from the east
pestilence and death arrive with grins

“Mine is a holy army!”
cries out warlord of sunrise
While sunset Amazonian
urges followers’ easterners to despise

Neither giving quarter
each insisting he is right
And calling on vast minions
to both despise and fight

Battle’s dark beginning
was started long ago
And warring sides took comfort
in delivering blow after blow

Both sides know they fight for justice
that God is on their side
And generations have been reared
on lie that killing is justified

How can one ask for quarter
or enter into truce
With humans vilified as demons
deserving naught but hangman’s noose?

So, battle for the planet
is destroying what they seek
And it’s only burial plots
being inherited by the meek

As we close our eyes tonight
and offer up our contrite prayers
Remember that to end this battle
must beat swords into plowshares

We each must remove the blinders
that prohibit us from sight
And insist détente between factions
is only path that leads upward to light

Or in our bombastic fury
we can impotently succumb
To following maniacal leaders
and forever war in ways gruesome