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I’m bound for Midwest Mecca
I’m flying to Chi-town
In search of Holy Grail
That I have never found

My Faith is sad and weak
My heart’s so unsanctified
If I ever told you I know Jesus
Then I told you ungodly lie

I feel love for my brothers
Try to live life that does some good
If I gave impression I’m a Christian?
Then I fear you misunderstood

I’m no kind of theologian
Repudiate Original Sin
We all may be born selfish
But there’s light shining from within

Don’t tell me our greatest works
Are but soiled linen unto The Lord
Souls may be saved by Faith
But it’s through acts that we are known

Gospel I’m sorely lacking
Is stigmata that I bear
False declarations of Faith
Are lies I eschew I swear

In this year of Blessed Mercy
Proclaimed by Pope Francis
Holy Doors around the world
Are being opened for we who sin

Jubilee and Plenary Indulgence
Reasons for opening Holy Doors
With head and heart swirling
Catholics roots I do explore

This Francis i fellow
Pope of the Americas
Sings a song of inclusion
Lord, he sings a song of love

Traveled a thousand miles
Then walked till feet were sore
Spent hours on my knees
Praying for faith to be restored

Churches that I entered
Were beautiful and vast
My spirit was uplifted
But my love for Him shan’t last

With tears of penitent
I begged Him to let me in
But mid-prayer I changed my chant
Realized fault lay with me not Him

I cried and beat my breastbone
Longed for change within my heart
But though my spirit’s willing
Aposatate still remains my part

Never been the kind of fellow
Who dives into mass reverie
Though my heart aches for inclusion
My mind insists on looking skeptically

I’ve watched appreciatively
At those who roll in holy state
Existing in the moment
In bubble of love and faith

My faith it is so tepid
Does not even achieve lukewarm
Still I pray unto heaven
Though I know not God’s form

Role that I am playing
Is same I’ve had all my adult life
I acknowledge His great power
And pray He fills me with His light

I walk the earth a sinner
I speak quite profanely
I deny that I’m a Christian
But I long to be set freechurch-ceiling