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I heard a little hiss
and then I felt a little bite
And before it all was over
Your fangs were in me tight

I never knew a woman
who bites like you before
I keep swearing that I’m done with you
but I still haven’t walked out that door

You’re cuddly as an alligator
and lower than a snake
And each and every time I get away
I always make that same mistake

I certainly don’t love you
get upset at sound of your voice
What I need is manumission
and to leave of my own choice

Never a single word of praise I hear
but derision flows freely
If you were training up a dog
he wouldn’t even know how to pee!

There’s no honest in your answer
no matter what you claim
To call you a two-faced back-stabber
is other backstabbers to defame

You want us all to jump
And never even ask how high
Every time I crawl back to you
a little piece of me simply dies

I’m not all that complicated
and I like to be up front
But whenever we’re together
my playing cards are tightly bunched

Yeah, I’ve gone and made mind up
I’m gonna go AWOL
No longer will I Step and Fetch it
yeah, no longer will I crawl

I don’t know who done nursed you
but she must have been a bitch
For no milk of human kindness
have you sucked on, you sick witch

Don’t know how many you’ve defeated
far too many men have crawled
I get no pleasure in flagellation
time for me to again stand tall

I don’t need to psycho analyze
to know that we are through
And I’m a here to proclaim
that it wasn’t me but you

So, sayonara, Hirohito
Adios to Señora Perón
I may not know where I am going
but I sure know I’m gonna roam

I surely am gonna miss you
about as much as I miss the plague
About the only way to keep me here
is to break both of my legs

I never knew a woman
who bites like you before
I swear this time I’m done with you
and now I’m a walking out the door

Won’t miss your reptile smile
or either of your two face
So I guess the time for leaving’s ripe
I’m evacuating this space

Yes, sayonara, Hirohito
Goodbye, Evita
Your name may be diminutive
but it’s cursed by God above

So, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
is what I say to you
I’d tell you that I’ll miss you but
we both know that’s not true.

And when it comes to healing hearts
you are the anti-foxglove
Yeah, when it comes to healing hearts
you are the anti-foxglove