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When did you abandon you?
When did you tap the mat?
What made you give up on health?
Told mirror, “I’m not meant for that?”

Not meant to walk in sunshine
Two flights of stairs too much to ascend
To exist as naught but spectator
Into living hell chose to descend?

Entered this world hale and healthy
From tiny seed grew to mighty oak
Somewhere exhaled and threw in towel
Vital life force killed and choked?

Niggling pain that robs enjoyment
As each footfall elicits wounded wince
Arguing against least resistance
Is argument hard to convince

So much easier to fall and falter
And allow flaccidity to consume
Swear sedentary ways will amend!
Lack self-love for life to resume

We are creatures born to ascend
Stardust is of what we’re made
When we renounce our birthright
Celestial orbits become retrograde

Received graceful vessels
For our flights around sun Sol
With a little basic maintenance
Takes a lifetime to grow old

Decay easily accelerated
Through inaction of neglect
Not dings on the exterior
That are results circumspect

Aches and pains quickly multiply
And accelerate as we decline
Gets dizzy swirling down that drain
Whence are our forms once sublime?

Limping less from hammer blows
Than from own fates that we have grown
Lifetime of neglect brings such woes
Time for each of us our health to own

Our best years may be behind
But from decline can still stem the tide
Against sea of heartache take a stand
And choose to treat self with pride

Took many years to create our mess
Morbidity creeps up stealthily
Not too late to be a phoenix
And from prison set self free

As bawling infants enter this world
Babies learn to crawl before they walk
If you’ve driven self to your knees
With self best have a talk

Journey of one thousand miles
Begins with single step
Don’t forget to love yourself
Stop your self-abuse and neglect

We’re meant to walk in sunshine
To the stars ascend
To exist as grand participants
And keep striving until our end