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We’re the good guys, trust in us
From our nation’s mid-section we’ll blow off the rust
Exceptionalism is our Godly platform
Know for certain we’re way above the norm

Imperialism spelled manifestly
Makes way for bullies in land of the free
Our great Constitution is engraved in stone!
(Should be living document for generations to own)

Did we fight over taxes or to set men free?
Seventeen-seventy-six viewed men myopically
And view that the world is a place static?
Is a paradigm that never fit

With Fundamentalist’s unchangeable point of view
Senseless to argue when perspective’s so skewed
Our Founding Fathers lacked inclusiveness
Eighteenth Century was one of the bloodiest

Rule of law should be no gentlemen’s club
And when it is, justice gets snubbed
Discrimination enshrined in law
Way past time for its denouement

Equal protection under the law
Not just for white dudes, but for all
Freedom to marry, be loved and cherished
Is human right for heteros but not for swish?

Creed or color, race or sex
Should have no bearing on whom law protects
So take your values of Locke and Payne
And realign them to modern game

Views on gender and sex roles
Are both antiquated and archaically droll
With our selves freedom to do as we see fit
Laws against consenting adults are tools of inhibited hypocrites

You be your man and I will be mine
With a little toleration we’ll do just fine
Each have our own values; nothing wrong with that
Let’s end eons of abuse; gotta make hate scat

Takes seven colors to make a rainbow
Symbol of Noah’s covenant with God don’t cha know?
So take your white light and your white fears
And embrace the rainbow and rise from nadirs

We may be the good guys but we’re sure not saints
And when we claim infallibility it’s justice we taint
Americans are exceptional when we open minds and hearts
Need to reject fear and hate, stop hiding behind ramparts