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Monkey bloods boiling, my heart’s filled with fear
When did all these frightening phantasms appear?
Plenty of hatred in land of the free
Do quick shoulder check for goose stepping Nazis

E pluribus unum, from many to one
Synergy of whole should be better than sum
But strength in numbers has no power here
When our top down spin is to foment fear

To denigrate left in name of what’s right
Is medieval frolic in dark-aged night
Hate what’s different, divide into two camps
Swear your side is good while other is damned

Mao preached power grows from barrel of a gun
Scorched earth mentality leaves us all barren
No room for subtle, nuanced compromise
When folks are eager to see genocide

Universal truth not found in holy book
Scared fools thump texts when reason they’ve forsook
When convinced there’s just one way, one truth, one light
No room for compromise, must stand and fight

The people we’re taught to hate and to fear
Are truly our brothers; there’s no one else here
Each is conditioned from moment we’re born
To think our actions righteous; that we are the norm

Sauce for the goose should be great for the gander
Vilify others is great way to pander
No need for logic, just sell ’em with hate
Let’s have a rabble rousing that’s truly first rate!

Super nova stars in times long ago
Created elements from which we grow
Why are we still living in the mire
Rather than setting sights ever higher?

Mano a mano is hand to hand
Fighting our brothers makes no one a man
Suckled on hatred, was that mother’s milk?
What other lies do you spew that are bilk?

Now is the time to cast out ancient stye
When we’re told to hate we all must shout “WHY!?”
Winners and losers in game we call hate
Share love between brothers it’s still not too late