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Kristallnacht, Kristallnacht; night of shattered crystal
“Can’t happen here,” as go by graveyard whistle
Harsh rhetoric and spewing of hate
Trumpted as plan to again make US Great

“That was just shorthand,” declares center right
“No need for his words to cause worry or fright.
Demeaning intolerance is not GOP.
Trump’s just the ticket; you take it from me.”

But those citizens through words he vilified
Marriages threatened, demeaned ethnic pride
For fifteen months have heard his trumpeting wail
And fear this man liberty will now assail

In two short months he’ll grasp reins of power
A bombastic troll whose face loves to glower
Three legs on stool of federal government
Still fear due process from our lives will be rent

Like Grinch with his heart two sizes too small
Slightest perceived grievance against him he’ll quickly recall
Moves to disqualify judge of Mexican descent
Claims prejudicial bias as his argument

There is on the rise in US of A
Shameful acts for which Trump led the way
Though DOTUS Trump is at center of maelstrom
Center right folks’ mantra? “Just need to stay calm.”