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New sheriff in town’s got a cardinal direction
He’s a law and order freak, here for our protection
North, east, south or west, sheriff knows which way wind is blowing
Bad hombres best stay in line; knows evil that they’re sowing

Judge, jury, executioner; want one stop justice here
Swears those who live life righteously need never walk in fear
When streets are clean, trains run on time, town will be an idyll
And deviants from the norm are silenced by gun barrel

Clear difference tween wrong and right; no complicated thing
Through deference to authority we let true freedom ring!
Sing a single solitary note, there’ll be no discord here
But lovely chords of harmony will likewise disappear

In world of endless colors, light spectrum broad and vast
Restrict ourselves to black and white to paint on life’s canvass
No rainbow hues from sunshine refracting the white light
Like ghosts who walk at midnight there’s no colors clear or bright

Sheriff who is posing as Messiah of what’s right
Sure seems to favor moneyed rich folks who are also lily white
If God that you are worshiping looks a whole lot like you
Might want to take a moment and broaden point of view

Moral jurisprudence is not province of one boss
Abdication of morality means liberty is lost
“Out of many one” is motto of a vibrant land
Call to lock-kneed, goose-step marching’s gotten out of hand

Game of divide and conquer, pitting this group against that
Strategy of despots that’s effective and old hat
Single arbiter of justice, darling of Ku Klux Klan
Our steaming ochlocracy trumpets this man all the way

Simple world of binary, a zero or a one
Like Caesar at Colosseum decision’s made by thumb
Strength in dictatorship of immoral majority
“Arbeit macht frei:” could again be holocaust of liberty

One judge, jury, executioner is future I fear
Time for righteous people to not let it happen here
When streets are safe for all regardless of race or creed
Simple metric for an America that is great in deed

There is a cold wind blowing it’s rattling many bones
And from multi-cultural corpse the flesh is getting torn
Surrounded by an angry mob with pitchforks and torches
Time is ripe for tolerance to sing dissenting chorus