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Chrism that anoints us can flash into fire
Is Mother Church victim or igniter of pyre?
Dogmatic Scripture too oft used to kindle flames
Carrot/stick relationship of salvation game

Twisting of His holy words to advance a cause
Calls to kill for Jesus should give all great pause
Jesus was a fighter, no arguing against that
Calls for violence in His name run contrary to fact

Onward Christian Soldiers is just metaphor
There’s no call by Jesus for us to march to war
Love thy brother as thy self; number two command
Placed only God the Father above this holy plan

How often are we called to battle flame with  searing flame?
Angrily gouge eye for eye, fight and kill and maim?
How long till we realize we’re pawns upon chessboard?
Nothing more oxymoronic than a holy war

There are those among us who wantonly sow hate
In Lord’s holy name genocide they do propagate
Demonic false Messiahs pitting man ‘gainst man
Religious and profane misuse Bible and Koran

We each can be the difference between hate and love
Takes a peaceful kind of strength to challenge hawks as doves
If God’s calling for you to mow your brothers down
Best reexamine message found beneath His thorny crown

Chrism that is sanctified, and smeared upon our brows
In name of Holy Trinity should not hatred arouse
Love the sinner hate the sin, is a starting place
By sharing love with brothers we ascend to grace

A general sans an army can do little harm
If evil goes unheeded and folks refuse to arm
If all the calls for hatred fall on naught but deafened ears
Then brothers will shed not blood but only cry salt tears