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Between the sugar coating and that most vicious of truth
Lies our prejudice and narrative from youth
Opinions we were given, presented as hard facts
Just fables we take for granted though context we lacked

Was Fidel a Freedom Fighter or the devil incarnate?
Was his bloody revolution based on freedom or on hate?
There is no one among us whose name will live in history
Who is loved by all without controversy
Columbus and his day; celebrated in my youth
But descendants of the butchered have a different truth
Davey Crockett, Daniel Boone, and Old Hickory
Were revered as Frontiersmen and roll-models for the free

Coin of freedom has two sides and winner earns the right
To immortalize their heroes and vilify the other side
Did Truman with his A-Bombs save untold human lives?
Or did he free evil genie with his two bomb genocide?
If you think the answers easy, simple case of black and white,
Has grist from propaganda mills made your belly full and tight?
Cannot make an omelet without breaking some eggs
But when time is here for eating do we feast or get naught but dregs?

Stories of our heroes that the myth-makers have sold
Much like a eulogy, just choice pieces that we’re told
The man who walks among us unblemished by dark sin
When it’s time to cast a rock, let the stoning start by him
And those of us with pock marked skin with logs floating in our eyes
May want to ponder for a moment how much of what we value is accepted lies