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Everybody’s beautiful is Pablum for fools
To contradict this bromide is to break the PC rules
Rules that have us saying things we know are lies
Because if we all believe enough then those pigs’ll surely fly
Our value on this planet so much deeper than mere skin
But when we prattle platitudes truth can’t hope to win

Beauty may be beholden but that’s not the message here
For every ten a one, is how the Bell Curve should appear
We worry about our wrinkles, worry about our fat
And if we’re not so fair of face fashion rules above all that
Fifty-four percent of us are a four, a five or six
No sense in getting irate that’s how stanines are affixed

A mere one in twenty-five makes it to the top
And at bottom of the cream is ugliest of our crop
Don’t gasp in shock and horror, don’t put hand to your chest
It’s lie that we’re all beautiful that got us in this ugly mess
If I said we’re all great athletes would that make it so?
That inside of every one of us is Olympian incognito?

We’re not all mathematicians, we’re not all good with words
To declare that we have what we don’t is totally absurd
Caring for our bodies is a worthwhile exercise
But saying we’re all beautiful is a vicious sort of lie
Beauty that’s within our hearts and love that we share
Is surely more important than if our face is fair

If my abrupt and brutal logic has you feeling down
Just remember that I am one of those ugly clowns
I am old and stooped, what hair I have is gray
But my value as a man is not reduced or allayed
If it’s pixie dust you’re wanting look to Peter Pan
Because the logic that we’re all gorgeous belongs in Neverland