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Oh, what a tiny peanut I hold here in my hands
He’s not the kind to shuck and eat that grows up from the land
My peanut he is precious and I love him so,
For I am his abuelo and he my nieto
Behold The Lord’s creation! Out of two come one!
March of generations has brought forth my grandson!

I look and see such beauty in this funny, tiny man
Who’s just a fragile, flopping tyke who my heart still commands
How can this close eyed squirmer bring me so to tears?
What power in the human heart makes newborns so revered?
Do we love them for their helplessness, is this why they touch our souls?
Or is it promise of a better world we pray they’ll help unfold?

More than simple sentimentality drives us to nurture and protect
God drives our biological imperatives and love in our hearts directs
Love of a child for his parents can cause most calloused soul to weep
Siblings share a bond that runs both strong and deep
And ties between a loving couple for a lifetime may bind
But till you’ve loved a child as your own you’ve missed a love sublime

This helpless little baby who arrived with a blank slate
I hope that as life on him makes its mark he knows that love trumps hate
Dear precious baby, newborn hijo de hijo
I am blessed to be abuelo a te mi nieto
I pray that God Almighty guides my grandson as he grows
I am blessed to be abuelo a mi nieto