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First man to touch my heart;
Lifted me and with his love life did start
Tenderly he would dry my tears
And through his strength allayed my fears

Through his care did slowly grow;
His loving strength I came to know
No greater gift than approving smile;
Patiently he guided me, his wanton child

My memories from long ago
How bitter-sweet they have grown
I’m always proud to call you Dad;
Though toll of years makes my heart sad
I still see the strength in you
Even as the march of time brings ever more hard news

Standing right before me is great man who still lives inside;
From degradation and decay no mortal can forever hide
The dashing dad who brought me to the dance;
Who with firm and loving hand showed what it means to take a stand
His smile and his laughter have now blown away;
And I miss you, Daddy, each and every day

Hope you know that it’s you who showed me what it means to love someone
I’ll try to live up to standards you set until my life is done
It was you that I looked to to distinguish wrong from right
And though often we disagreed so thankful for your great insight

And never can I again simply hold your hand
I am drained and empty and pray to  be with you again
I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers as I live out my life
Please send some comfort down from heaven to help me through life’s strife

And know it’s true that I need you
And I’m glad for time we had