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Like Elvis on his throne, that’s how his reign did end
He hoped for a reunion and broken fences mend
Family he’d forsaken, oh so long ago
Longed to reconcile with them before death dealt its final blow
He traveled a long distance via car and rail and sea
He’d rehearsed his plea for forgiveness down on his ravaged knees

Didn’t have the address of his children and estranged wife
He’d abandoned then completely, severed cord with coward’s knife
Regretted wrong turn he had taken; horrid mistake from long ago
Longed to hold his offspring one last time; remove noxious weeds that he had sown
Though he did not know her address he had creeped her on Face Book
He knew not where she lived but her job location he’d stalked just like a crook

She was a simple server, waitress’ hours of seven till three
She was there when her kids got home and she’d made home heavenly
Elvis visited her diner at the busiest part of her day
Desired so just to see her, had nothing prepared to say
Disguised with age, baseball cap and sunglasses, he sat in a corner booth
Saw sweat beading up on her brow and he felt the horrid truth
Marital problems had been God awful for both her and him
But she’d been one to stick it out; take life on the chin

He slogged back to the hotel and his tiny, lonely room
And fell ever deeper into a dark funk filled with deepest gloom
All those plans that he’d been making; dreams of dying as a dad
Wondered where he’d find the courage to explain path he had trod
How to tell his daughter that life had just been too much
And so he’d slipped away one night and rushed far from their touch
And son that he’d abandoned, left to grow up on his own
Would he listen to a word he said or greet him with righteous scorn?

Elvis knew he was dying, was reason why he’d journeyed home
But facing the people he’d betrayed terrified him to the bone
All night he tossed and turned, he got nary a wink of sleep
Next morning when he arose rejected bleating of inner sheep
He traveled back to the diner with plans to speak to his wife
Slipped into the men’s room planning to make himself look nice
Sweat was pouring off of him when he slipped into a stall
It was on that throne of porcelain he achieved his deathly pall

Story didn’t make the papers of man who had died ignobly
But when Priscilla saw his face she knew she truly now was free
She finally had an answer to her years of prayer
She’d feared he’d come around some day and their existence tear
That second shoe finally dropped now that he was dead
And that afternoon when she went home not a word she said

The man who had abandoned, caused her and hers such pain
He was gone completely; fate ended his sadistic reign
And so for her the sun shone brightly once again
And for her the sun was shining brightly once again