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Mark of Cain they carry is only reason that we need
To make them walk three steps behind and perform our ugly deeds.
It is a lie that they are equal, their caste has been decreed;
We must beat them with stout rods and control when they breed.

Misinformed miscreants who blaspheme with talk of equality
Have blinded their own eyes to what is there for all to see.
Ordained by God above to ever play role of coolie;
They are happiest when enslaved and miserable when made free.

There is a natural order and heaven wrote the score;
The ox is made to labor and eagles meant to soar.
It is cruelty indeed to force a beast to do a man’s chores:
Lord made the lowly and the high and neither one abhors.

The lion and the lamb are both parts of His plan;
Royalty and staid supplicants; divergent tracks of man.
Railing against the Father is facing tsunami in sampan
We each follow predestined paths in trek to holy land.

Hear my song, oh brothers, as God has written it.
He has ordained we priestly class, to which you must submit.
False prophets assailing order deal in specie counterfeit;
Only path to paradise is to obey His holy writ.

If fate had reversed our fortunes and made us lowly too
Gladly would we toil and embrace position that’s our due.
So smile as you labor, obey and don’t argue
For if you assert equality then fate you’ll surely rue.