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Is there no agreement or accord that we can reach
That allows us to stay together and patch our ugly breach?
We share a sacred kinship that is both loving and so deep
And this feuding that’s erupted has just begun to steep.

Cassandra with her tea leaves may predict a woeful end
But if we reach out to one another surely this great rift we can mend.
Message I was conveying was meant to open up your eyes
And though my words were truthful I saw their form you did despise

A thousand ways to convey a thought that must be said
And my sophomoric choice has made your eyes see red.
Wish I’d backtracked in that moment and just rephrased my words
And treated you, my precious darling, to message kind and not absurd.

In heat of the moment I chose to stick to my guns;
Had I been a bit more sensitive perhaps my message would not have stung.
But like a Brahma in a china shop I threw around my weight
It was I who shattered trust; though my goal was to elucidate.

And so, I’m here besieging you down on bended knee
Acknowledging my offense and hoping you I can appease.
My words made you apoplectic and for this I apologize
For it is you I always shall adore and want you ever on my side.

To you I proclaim mea culpa and extend olive branch;
Pray for your forgiveness as I rephrase my harsh stance.
No one else in this vast world that I love as you
I know I phrased things horridly; undeniably that’s true.

So, let me try again, my love to get through to you;
Children need a lot of sleep if they’re to give the world its due.
And though you may think differently these words I have to say
It’s time for you to go to sleep! Tomorrow is another day!

You are delight, you are delight of my world!
You are delight! But it’s way past your bedtime it is true!