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Sorrowfully do I leave thee, sorrowfully I depart!
Sorrowful is my future, for I have played the devil’s part.
Never been another woman who could turn my head like you,
Swore that you’d be mine forever and with me would say I do.

Softest hair of finest corn silk while her eyes, blue cornflower.
She was wonder of the ages who so caused my soul to stir.
She was treasure of May mornings and I swore to make her mine.
So began my quest of Sarah as our lives longed to entwine.

Stevie Dee was like a brother and I put my trust in him.
With his help began my courtship, smelled no hint of corruption.
Man of action I’ve been always, silver tongued I’m surely not;
With Stevie Dee to help and guide me her pursuit we did plot.

From across crowded dance floor I pointed Sarah out to Steve,
For first time silver tongued Stevie he just stared in disbelief.
Steve bowed his head, then he whispered something soft I could not hear
Then Steve declared, “Worry not, I’ve words of praise for her sincere.”

Stevie Dee strode to the punch bowl and he filled two loving cups,
Smoothed his coat, straightened his hair, then smile Steve’s lips enveloped.
Could not hear words he was speaking but his head at me did nod;
Confident that my friend Stevie Sarah’s heart he’d surely awe.

Stevie with my Sarah chatted as they drank their ambrosia,
In heartbeat they were advancing to the niche where I was tucked.
My friend bowed, took the hand of the girl I longed to call my own
Sarah’s eyes on me fastened, felt like a king upon his throne.

Through days and months that followed to Sarah love I oft declared;
Fear that I with my dear truelove solid Steve seemed to forswear.
Abandonment so undeserved that I thought to visit him
One dark night to Steve’s I traveled, seems devil did drive this whim.

Single light shone through the window showing me that Steve was there
Did not hesitate to enter due to love we two did share.
There on divan for two only sat my true love and dear friend
My blows guided by Satan and surprised traitors could not fend.

Never had felt such fury, they’re still entwined, now caked in blood,
Far too late feel sorrow, my vengeance deluged like Noah’s flood.
We were trinity of great evil and I am most debased;
To three lives I’ve wrought destruction, too great a toll for love’s sake.

I head to river’s bank where I hope to find eternal peace
Dreadful waves of pain and torment now that jealous rage has ceased.
Sorrowfully leave this world and to my maker I do cry,
Oh, Lord God and savior please deliver us to by and by!

Sorrowfully do I leave thee, sorrowfully I depart!
Sorrowful have no future, for I have played the devil’s part.
Never been two finer friends that I could love more than you two,
Swore we’d be friends forever and it was I who was most cruel.