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Mark it down in black on white, think it through with deep insight.
Gather thoughts then forge ahead, knowledge advanced by words read.
What a decline has seen Man in our attention span.
Now like Caesar with his thumb declare clever or just dumb.
If at first we disagree just disparage what we see.
Highest art form is a meme; as quickly scroll through our news feed.
Have an instant to be heard, thus dismissed go lengthy words.
“I ain’t got no time for that!” Speed of info rat-tat-tat!
So, in a world where every man has a stage where he can stand;
stand and with his voice deliver more bits and bytes to knowledge river,
so many hawkers in the square leads to cacophony everywhere,
and what seems to catch our eye is just reflection of magpie,
till we might as well be deaf and dumb to the avalanching sum,
that floods over you and me without depth or pedigree.
It just seems we have a need to slow down, sift chaff from seed,
and really should apply the notion there’s lots of flotsam in the ocean.
Comfort food we read as words far too often are absurd.
There’s no better time to think than as from knowledge’s fountain we do drink;
Mile wide and an inch deep is how our ruminations seem to steep.
How contradictory is Man who really tries not to understand
issues, people, places, things that contradict his cosmography.
Flashing pictures, competing words that we chew on like Herefords
add nothing to mental diet; sometimes long for peace and quiet,
and yet I’m just adding to their sum, maybe I’ll be struck deaf and du