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Demons fall to a void, exist without His holy presence
There eternal dwelling place, no salvation by repentance
Highest angel Lucifer challenged holy order
Yahweh banished him forever to south of the border
Hosts of angels do the deeds of omnipotent deity
What God wants has but to decree is thorn in tautology

Man lived in Paradise but was evicted for taking knowledge bite
Step out of line and it seems God just might forever ban and smite
If for the devil we prayed to God then surely He could uplift?
A God sans restrictions can easily bridge all rifts
Free Will is what He gave us but he holds all the cards
Overwhelming paradox akin to chewing on glass shards

The God who is omnipotent, is three legs of Kingdom’s stool
He makes, executes and judges all and His power is golden rule
Hosanna! He is love! Fear not iron fist in velvet glove!
He is truth for eternity, changes not like you and me
In His mercy and His love Lord sent down begotten Son
(All the rest of us it’s true, just stepchildren whose hair is red hued)

From a virgin of godly worth came great promise for the earth
For those who repent and believe through His grace receive reprieve
We need but pray and repent then great mercy He shall send
Do contradictions never end? To sophistry tend to descend
Death is turning point from which we can never be uplifted
By One who makes the calls and to us reality has gifted?

Majority shall miss the mark, from sinfulness not disembark
Will have eternity to despair and breathe  brimstone in the dark
With no further hope of redemption from hell’s eternal detention
All of this we do know because the bible tells us so
I denigrate not the God that so many gladly follow
It’s just that we repeat contradictions awfully hard to swallow

Overwhelming majority of His flock choose to squint our eyes
And if faults we recognize just spout dogma in reprise
How convenient is the case heaven’s such a hierarchical estate
Where each soul knows his place, his duty and his fate
And the ones who tell us the rules and describe the real estate
Are same who declare who are saved and which are apostate