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Lines to draw in, lines to queue,
lines that separate me from you.
Mighty blurry grew the lines
as to which we mustn’t cross.

How’d we wind up at this spot
where I live in total loss?
Paint by numbers,  idyllic scene
cotton candy, living the dream.

Lines circumscribed me,
defined just who I am,
though sometimes chaffed
never were a sham.

Years relentless
time marches without pause
and with advance of long years
learned new verse to song.

Not for a moment
did I wish to disturb our nest
engaged in harmless flirtation;
gave life some zest.

The lines grew deeper
in my furrowed brow,
boyish charm left me,
felt enchained by wedding vows.

Oh, the many numbers
and the many lines
that I exchanged
with strangers sublime.

Like white lines on a mirror
passion returned to my life;
it’s not really cheating
if you never hit the same girl twice.

Lines of separation
in my double life
everything compartmentalized
grew ever distant from my wife.

With a life-line she did try
to bring me home, her quest denied.
Just kept drifting, without a line
into harbors I thought divine.

I was high man on totem pole
but far too soon I tumbled.
So desirable when wallet’s thick;
out of money? No more kicks.

To my darling I returned
but my petitions she just spurned.
I had crossed my final line
no more chances, self had maligned.

Lines of sorrow, lines of woe
lines of heartache I have known.
I’m depleted, there’s nothing left
and with rope line I’ll face my death.