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Old base line is new bench mark
Damn rabbit hole’s both deep and dark
How high is up, how far is down?
where’s the fun in losing ground?

Incrementally I slide
Into ocean’s rising tide
I can’t swim, can barely tread
Shudder at golden years ahead

I thought decay would be gradual
Delta of decline is just awful
Once had strength to jump and run
Now just advance toward setting sun

Life is quite a comedy
Hurts to learn life’s joke’s on me
Sphinx’s riddle of how many feet
Four, two, three trumpets defeat

It’s far too close when knees just ache
Declining years so hard to take
Never dreamed that middle-aged
Would leave me worn out; unassuaged

With little choice but to carry on
I’ll keep fighting till strength is gone
Time it truly is a thief
And golden reign is far too brief

Laugh at fate’s cruel twists and turns
But in the end, all crash and burn
Grab the good stuff while you can
Cuz it’s no fun being old man