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Hidden in the bright lights is a darkness hard to see
It sports the perfect camouflage, looking just like you and me
Though it lives out in the open its purpose is to deceive
Its malignancy is growing and there’s no sign of reprieve

It’s found among the masses and in choicest estates
The evil’s always hungry and it loves to feed on hate
It uses quaint code phrases to  indict those it eschews
Warns of foreign ideologies as hatred it imbues

Declares we’re in a battle between wrong and right
Has no doubt of which side’s righteous or of the need to fight
Swears crusade’s more than patriotic, that it’s a fight of good v bad
And if you don’t accept its logic; obvious that you’ve been had

Cornucopia of fears that it presents as facts
Gives myriad examples of vicious attacks
Warns that darker races from unenlightened far off lands
Are intent on our destruction and plot to gain the upper hand

It has a careful compilation of data that we’re shown
But any contrary example to it remains unknown
Data points, trends and figures to it have equal worth
Always taking note of evil done by those of foreign birth

But the blond haired, blue eyed monsters who perform dark, vicious deeds
It insists are simple aberrations and of them should take no heed
It glories in the power and acknowledges the need
Of its arsenal of hate with which the land it seeds

So easy to see evil in those we long to blame
For the chaos that’s among us that’s made good sense go lame
Question that is lacking; the words so seldom heard
Is who is it that’s attacking and who’s it that’s skewered?

It can’t see that we’re complicit in fomenting inequality
Secure in the delusion that we’re guardians of liberty
Surrogate for truth and justice is its internal view
Denies bloody aftermath from imperialism pursued

It doesn’t see the value in introspectiveness
Swears that it’s befuddled multiculturalism that got us in this mess
Past time we look into the mirror and evaluate our lives
And acknowledge much of what we swallow is just its self-serving lies