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Everyone dissembles,
Everybody spins
There‘s no disputing man’s penchant
For covering up our sins

Differing perspectives
Observing the same scene
Don’t mean somebody’s lying
Or creating a pipe dream

We’ve all had occasions
Where we’ve misread the facts
Don’t make no one a liar
No need for personal attacks

Next step in downward spiral
Of obfuscating
Is to promote false assumptions
In other words to spin

A classic in deception
Is to choose our examples carefully
And through magician’s sleight of hand
See if whole world can be deceived

To create a quilt of truths
That once it is complete
Has been stitched together
To weave a blanket of deceit

People do it all the time
It’s part of life’s game
But I shake my head in wonder
At liars without shame

Now I’m not taking lightly
This parsing of untruth
Seems the biggest liar
Is one who wins in voting booth

They’ll swear that down is up
And that wet is dry
And if you challenge their assertions
They just shake their heads and sigh

Denials not just a river
From which Moses was retrieved
Pathological liars in our midst
Insist their words are to be believed

Rarer than a hen’s tooth
Is man who facts never obscures
Takes a special kind of fella
To trumpet deceit with such verve

A man who sees no difference
Between wrong and right
And insists sun is shining
In deep coal mine at midnight

Picture a simple huckster
Who loves to boldly lie
Attaining presidential power
And against truth actively conspires

Gone are days of simple spinning
Retelling stories to hide the facts
Seems his politics are tinged with red
As he trumpets politburo’s fax

Deny, deny, deny
A once plausible game
Blatant lies they’re telling
Puts plausibility to shame

Don’t know what’s become of our republic
Land that I once loved
We voted in a scoundrel
Who against all else puts self above