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Pitter-patter, pitter-patter little doggie feet
No Hound of the Baskerville’s roaming Galway’s streets
Grandmothers pushing babies pass me at speed of sound
Lot of red cheeks and noses from too many Guinness rounds
Street performers singing in environs round Eyre Square
Winter can’t chill dancers by Spanish Arch with shoulders bare
On the motorway cars bedecked with red letter “N”
Give novice drivers elbow room’s truly prudent lesson
License plates declare the year when a car was bought
Peat fire fiasco brings down government of neighbor to the north
Twisting capillaries masquerading as city streets
Lugh, Jesus, capital and socialism vie and compete
Gulf Stream’s warm current keeps Emerald Isle ever green
Free market suppressions helps keep Irish feeling serene
Public toilets can’t be entered without a small coin
Desperately pee in a dark corner to avoid getting soiled
Hadrian and his successors erected a nearby wall
Sinking of Armada brought dark eyes from down south in Gaul
EU membership brings a cacophony of voice
Church of dear Saint Paddy still Ulster’s reigning choice
Norsemen known as Vikings ravaged the isle regularly
Plague of orange upon the green is receding gradually
Lovely western town way up in the Atlantic north
Its pubs are filled with dreamers praying for their pots of gold