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Like iron ball on a roulette wheel
System’s so rigged holds little appeal
Why should we labor, where’s value in work?
When by law’s writ we receive such great perks?

Professors once taught supply and demand
Simple wishing has replaced, “Yes we can!”
Oligarchy of few who rule the world
Ones who are playing with life ad absurd

Free market, Free Mason, freedom’s freefall
Many hawk their wares with naught but cat-calls
Flaws of opposition are clear as day
Insistent beggars both play and get played

Cradle to grave in arms of Uncle Sam
Stunts our growth, keeps us from becoming men
Helicopters have replaced safety net
Vote for what we want and see what we get

What’s wanted is needed, must heed the call
You’ve much, I’ve little, hand over it all
Where is the effort in our liberty?
Long as you’re paying to me it’s all free

Fear is the enemy, the tool, the seed
The two-edged sword that causes us to bleed
Class warfare, exclusion, misogyny
Brother against brother’s no way to live free

Screams of revolution, burn down the shops
Blame the pawns in blue, the popo, the cops?
Our world’s on the cusp of a new age
Prison’s closing in, against which we rage

The game is as twisted as it is old
Just bill of goods is what we’ve been sold
Our only choices conform or dropout?
How do we flatten the field? Recode our route?

How can the downtrodden stand straight and tall
Having lived their lives expecting to fail?
I have no answer, conceal no plan
In great need to halt de-evolution of man