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Got holes in my kitchen floor that my money slips right through
Falls into hands of my landlord who just bought a fine new Subaru
They say a man’s home is his castle but I’m afraid mine is in decay
I’d surely love some finer digs but this rent’s more than I can afford to pay

I am a simple laborer, I work hard to earn my bread
Instead of providing nourishment seems world’s eating me instead
I get up every morning and face the cold gray dawn
But when it comes to making my ends meet seems all I do is wrong

My truck is old and wizened, suffers from tubercular cough
Lord knows I need a new one but I can’t pay the cost
I ain’t got no 401K- instead I invest in the lottery
Don’t take no mathematician to see that Lotto’s playing me

Faced with the proposition of warm coat or new work boots
I headed down to Pay Less in foot covering pursuit
Now my feet are well protected as I work here shivering
Hope next paycheck to buy a Carhartt and bring blood flow back to me

I could sing of my lost innocence as I sit here with my rye
Drinking away my sorrows as I’m barely getting by
Tomorrow you will find me a poorer no wiser man
But those holes in my kitchen floor are more than I can stand

We all have heard the old saw about plenty of fish in the sea
All the girls who look my way and wink all want to charge a fee
Love life is unmitigated disaster, don’t know which way to turn
Seems every girl round these parts my advances has spurned

My mama told me life’s not always easy, that it can be quite rough
Seems in this game of life even my free throws are getting stuffed
Each day gets a little harder to keep my head in the game
The best moves that I can produce are kindly described as lame

The obstacles I’m facing would discourage any man
Need a new narrative for my life, a goal, a plot, a plan
Getting sick on fumes of this miasma of swamp I’m living in
What I need’s to pull up stakes and a new life to begin

I know in this world of sorrow I got little room to complain
That at least my hovel keeps me safe from the cold hard driving rain
But every step forward that I try to take
Convinces me that all I ever really make are grave mistakes