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Cage within cage, within cage, within cage-
Trade love for security? Fair exchange?
We share a bed and you made me your wife;
A loveless marriage is no kind of life.

Just a young girl who thought you were a man,
Depth of differences could not understand.
With daring passion swept me off my feet;
How could I know victory’s spelled defeat?

With jewelry, baubles, nice cars and champagne,
As a fierce hawk you pursued our sweet game.
What difference a decade, or three, or four?
Passion and wooing; what girl could want more?

Fairy story’s happy ever after
Has devolved to domestic disaster.
Down on your knees you swore I was the one;
Key to your happiness, earthly heaven.

That there’d been others did not try to hide,
Knew you’d had handful of virginal brides.
Our love was different, passionate, unique;
Fear lies that we spun were just false mystique.

I long to grow but you won’t let me change,
These jealous rages show me you’re deranged.
My sugar daddy wants a child mate;
His contemptuous ways change love to hate.

Honeymoons over, my eyes open wide;
Now know the truth but wish I was still blind.
Given a dream world woke up in nightmare;
Address and bed only things that we share.

Entered a dungeon and locked myself in,
A cage with gold bars is still a prison.
Long for freedom, dream of flying away,
For pieces of silver fear I will stay.

Cage within cage, within cage, within cage-
Thought I’d found love now know I was deranged.
Life as two butterflies I thought we’d spend,
While trapped in his net how can my wings spread?