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The key to my salvation remains buried behind tombstone
A stone that’s great and mighty, though I’m assured it’s easily rolled
Darkest night that entombs me could be transformed to brightest day
Host of angels will uplift me if the stone I roll away

Many are the multitudes who with me in darkness cower
Engulfed in terror, suffocating, longing for His hosanna
Each of us the great Shepherd lovingly longs to embrace
From the darkness craves to lead us; follow His light and His grace

Massive stone that separates us crushes me beneath its weight
Though I have seen lame men remove it in my fear I hesitate
To the tomb I walk slowly, my vision blurred by flow of tears
Though I long to be uplifted I am burdened by my fears

In my mind, there are Marys who bear spice to honor Him
Solemnly they approach with scented oils to anoint His skin
All can see the tomb is open and The Man is there no more
In their grief they’re confronted with further heartache to be endured

Rock of ages, Lord almighty, is not whom these women sought
They arrive to desecration that to their pain adds further taunts
Blessed women who so loved Him have a veil before their eyes
They cannot see, not yet prepared for, glory of His great arise

The sweet women who adore Him are vessels yet to be filled
Though weighted with deepest sorrow would lovingly abide His will
How abundant is the glory that resides in His great love
And the peace of Holy Spirit represented by white dove

Blessed be the many good souls who shout, “The Lord, He is risen!”
That accept and dearly love Him, who’ve washed away their great sins
They have received his healing powers and now walk in His light
Please pray for me, dearest brethren, as I struggle in dark of night

For the stone that can be lifted easily with help from Him
Is affliction and a battle that I’ve yet learned how to win
I’ll keep struggling, I’ll keep searching and perhaps come one fine day
I’ll accept God’s gift of grace that washes Man’s sins away