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Slither to the altar of human sacrifice
Where holocaust we offer is dross of our vice
In heat of life’s passions we do create some sparks
Fragile ember must be excised; forced to grow dark

Spark must be extinguished for it was never planned
And its inconvenience is more than we can stand
False masters of destiny think we control fate
Masquerade of selfish love as rights promulgate

Life is a cord composed of many billion strands
What’s one less thread in tapestry that we call man?
Perpetrators of macabre claim to be victims
Slaughter of virgins nothing new under the sun

Ten dozen dozen minutes, one day of our life
Biology has evolved to bring us such strife
Rail against the system, blame dark patriarchy
Slaughtering the innocent’s darkest tyranny

All our days are numbered, each has but a short time
Impudence as reaction now seen as sublime
The altar is littered with corpses of the dead
Death of humanity’s what I most fiercely dread

There is higher standard called The Golden Rule
Proclaims do to others as you’d have done to you
It too is an altar but of a different light
Follow it with love to escape from darkest night