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I got called a knee jerk right winger earlier today
Who knew only fascist brown shirts don’t like The Internationale?
Found it kinda funny when another lady called me pink
Seems a whole lot of folks don’t like folks who like to think

I was brought up to reason, not just go with the tide
My eclectic politics is a source of pride
The world is full of people who clamber on band wagons
But I refuse to be dictated to by some wizened old grand dragon

Lot of bombastic people who say you got to be either for or against
Insist fence splitting doesn’t make any sense
It’s not that I got no opinion or that I won’t pick a side
It’s just that behind other people’s platforms I refuse to hide

Justice should be reasoned and on the side of right
Facts are not determined by how well adversaries fight
Shouting down the opposition is a common thing to do
Takes a special kind of moron to think this is the way to get down to the truth

“This is my country love it or leave it” is a motto for fools
Ain’t nothing so damn perfect as to represent divine rule
I’m gonna support folks I agree with when I think they’re right
And when I think they’re wrong I’ll try to offer some insight

If you think Democrats are always right you’re probably an ass
And if you only vote Republican, then your politics are crass
Blind faith in anyone don’t show no common sense
And choosing a la carte what’s best for the USA ain’t straddling no fence