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Alan Alda, Biafra, Christopher Cross, Delta Dawn
People, places, singers, songs from my youth that’s now long gone

John Christopher, Bob Heinlein, burning lands, “Stranger” divine
Vonnegut and Asimov, novel thoughts, literature’s Pax

Worlds created, not deceived, far off wanderings conceived
Empires, star-ships and madmen; “what ifs” dictate tales’ outcomes

Optimism of my youth replaced now by sadder truth
Mass we’re reaching’s critical; to victor go the spoils

Live and learn, travel and see what world has in store for me
Allies were once enemies; all now seems catastrophe

Border’s porous, world’s opaque; oligarchs have biggest stake
Simple is as simple does; unclear what is virtuous

Allah Akbar, God is great, hate should not precipitate
But Crusades of eons past are conflicts that last and last

History’s errors we won’t learn; easier to scream and spurn
Fuel a plenty holocaust, man’s naught but industrial dross

How much terror, how much war are we able to endure?
Circle wagons, lock the gate, here in land of fear and hate

Close our eyes to calm our fears, stop the Earth want off of here
Getting crowded, turning mean? Just spend more on war machine

Pendulum swung to far right has ushered in darkest night
Angus said to bell the cat, got no volunteers for that

In high places live low men who brag of their sadism
Descending stairs without a rail; can love ever prevail?

Hatred dressed as patriots insist that in them should trust
Climate change has turned the land into a vast swamp again

Chains we wear we forged ourselves; long to break them is chorus
Must forge ahead, no turning back; sanity fades to black

Our nest is crowded, mighty full, world has gone full circle
Back to nineteen-seventeen, whole world’s entrenched, macabre scene

Scream a little, scream a lot, lets scream at the haven’t gots
They are many we are few, seems both sides love hate to spew

Daze of yore, last century, worshiped reverentially
Vision through rose-colored lens; distorted truth without end

No real heroes, never were; need role-models for new world
Men and women who can see way to love inclusively

People, places, singers, songs from my youth that’s now long gone
Statesmen, leaders, diplomats seem extinct and we’re bereft